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Steps Abacus is a booming center for math skill development program for kids of age from 5 to 14 yrs. We are keen on providing a very foundational and systematic learning process that involves coordination with the eyes, brain, and fingers. Our motto is to make children “Use your Brain Beyond Limits” for boosting their memory power and concentration at all levels. Our teaching experience in this field is over 15 years experimenting wide range of math logics and calculus.

Abacus Learning traditionally consists of several levels 1 to 8. Each level is usually having a duration of one year, based on the age of the student, academic time duration etc. We have witnessed dramatic improvement in children’s skills & brain functioning with Abacus education which in turn enhances self-esteem in a highly positive way. Their concentration, memory power, and listening skills will be highly compatible with any other children around the globe. It takes many efforts for children to attain the right Speed & accuracy in calculations with academic math alone. Photographic memory is another key factor when abacus is implemented within their academic learning.

Specialized training
for the students
Exam papers
for the students
Student’s kit
for the students (1-8)

How we do in Schools?

We train students directly or we teach the staffs to all level. In schools, each level might take one year as it will be banded with academic classes. Thus, students can yield more benefit with this slow-paced learning without stress. We provide coaching for students from 2 nd Std to 7 th Std with each level per year.

The training will be provided to the students from 2nd std to 7 th std after the proper documentation & agreement done between the company and the school/organization. Any violation of the agreement by any parties, will be forbidden.

"We assure you the best training and service in the industry and hope to get in partnership with you."

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