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Steps Abacus, a leading abacus firm, invites you to become a franchisee and play a vital role in revolutionizing abacus training for students aged 5 to 14. Our proven child-friendly abacus training, backed by innovative teaching methods, has set new standards of excellence in abacus and mental arithmetic education.

Why Steps Abacus Franchise?

Investing in a Steps Abacus franchise is not just a business opportunity; it's a strategic decision to be a part of a revolutionary approach to abacus and mental arithmetic education. Here's an in-depth look at why choosing Steps Abacus as a franchise is a promising venture:

  • Partnership in Progress: We view our franchisees as partners in progress and evaluate every aspect of their operations to ensure they receive the necessary support. The long-term relationship we aim to build is one that is mutually beneficial, fostering success for both Steps Abacus and its franchisees.
  • Opportunity for Various Individuals: The franchise opportunity is versatile, suitable for educated housewives, school teachers, home tuition centers, qualified unemployed individuals, part-time job seekers, play schools, pre-schools, and schools. This flexibility allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to become successful Steps Abacus franchisees.
  • Quality Education, Affordable Cost: Committed to providing quality education at an affordable cost, we focus on the success of our franchisees as our partners in progress.
  • Proven Success: Thousands of students have benefited from our unique and well-researched teaching methods, designed to deliver exceptional results.

Shape young minds, build a successful business, and be part of the Steps Abacus family – a franchise opportunity that offers both financial gains and personal satisfaction.

Franchise Eligibility:

Do you have a passion for working with children and envision molding future generations into perfect citizens? If you love kids, aspire to own a satisfying business, and are dedicated to all-round child development, you are eligible to be a Steps Abacus franchisee.


Ideal for educated housewives, school teachers, home tuition centers, qualified unemployed individuals, part-time job seekers, play schools, pre-schools and schools.


Franchisees will be appointed at the city or town level, with the number depending on the area’s population, scope and potential for the business.


  • Space: Any space with student chairs or desks and benches.
  • A display abacus; if required by the franchisee

Your Role:

  • Complete management of operations.
  • Parent counseling.
  • Timely fee collection.
  • Timely payment to the company for study materials.
  • Managing and conducting classes on scheduled levels.
  • Publicity to create and promote visibility in your area.

We Provide:

  • Logo
  • Course study materials.
  • Examination material.
  • Feedback system.
  • Professional support in administrative, technical, and marketing activities.

The Agreement:

The franchise agreement is initially issued for 3 years. We retain the authority to terminate the franchise agreement in the event of a breach of agreed terms or any unforeseen circumstances arising within the franchise.

Please feel free to contact us for further information

"We assure you the best training and service in the industry and hope to get in partnership with you."

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