Experience the exceptional brain development journey with Steps Abacus. Our program employs the renowned 'Japanese Soroban Methodology,' tailored for children aged 5 to 14. This scientific training is designed to elevate their cognitive abilities to optimal levels. Upon successful completion, participants will gain the ability to independently solve a myriad of arithmetic problems mentally, paving the way for a confident and empowered mind.

Kids Abacus

Our Kids Abacus program, designed for children aged 5 to 7, goes beyond traditional math education. Our program not only develops fundamental math skills but also enhances crucial cognitive abilities. Through engaging activities and the use of the abacus, children improve their visualization skills, foster creative thinking, and sharpen problem-solving abilities.

Rubics Cube

Unlock the potential of your mind with Steps Abacus! Learning to solve the Rubik's cube isn't just a fun challenge; it's a powerful way to stimulate your brain, enhance thinking and analytical skills, and elevate concentration and focus. Join us at Steps Abacus to master this ultimate brainteaser and embark on a journey of cognitive development and mental agility.

Vedic Maths

Experience the speed and efficiency of mathematical calculations with Steps Abacus! Our Vedic Maths program empowers students to solve numerical problems swiftly. By mastering the innovative Vedic Maths tricks at Steps Abacus, you can perform calculations 10 times faster than conventional methods. Join us to unlock the secrets of accelerated mathematical proficiency and make strides in your academic journey.

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